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Vinyl is the SMART Choice for your home!

Architects, builders, and homeowners are choosing vinyl as the product of choice when it comes to fencing, gates, railings, patio covers, and decks. Although there are other options available like wood and aluminum, the benefits of vinyl make it an easy and logical choice.

Reasons why to choose vinyl for your home:

1. No maintenance. Unlike wood, with vinyl you will never have to spend time repainting your fence, gate, railing, patio cover, and decks. And it won't dent or chip like aluminum. To make it look brand new again, you simply have to hose it down with water once in a while. Your fence will look as good as new with very little effort on your part.

2. Safer for pets and children. Vinyl doesn't splinter, dent, or chip. You will never have to worry about your children or pets getting splinters, cuts, or scrapes. We all know how painful getting wood splinters are. And when aluminum dents, it often creates very sharp edges that will easily cut children and animals. Vinyl is the safest product available, by far.

3. Durability. Vinyl products often come with a manufacturer's warranty that warrants them for life. Very little can go wrong with the product so long as it is properly installed, and so long as the vinyl itself is quality vinyl. However, not all vinyl is the same. As with all things, you can get cheap vinyl, but you ultimately do get what you pay for.

4. Strength. There may be a misperception out there that vinyl is not strong. That is true with cheap, low-quality vinyl. However, quality vinyl is extremely strong. You simply need to see the samples and judge for yourself. Unlike wood and aluminum, vinyl has the ability to flex and bend, without breaking making them the perfect material for areas that are subject to high winds.

Vinyl Patio Covers in Orange County.

Showtime Vinyl Fence & Patio Cover, Inc creates custom vinyl patio covers in Orange County. Our patio covers are fabricated at our shop so you can have any design and style you choose. We use top quality product from leading manufacturers. Vinyl patio covers are a great way to complement your property appeal. Many residents in Orange County have vinyl patio covers designed and installed by Showtime Vinyl. Check out our reviews on Yelp as well as our references. We even have a showroom that displays our most popular patio covers. Call or email us to set up an appointment!
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  • Patio Covers in Orange County Can Help Preserve Outdoor Furniture

    The Seattle Times features an article on how owners can maintain their outdoor furniture on their patio. The weather has a way of ruining things, even if they’re made to be exposed to the elements. The article lists several tips on how homeowners can preserve their furniture:

    Ideally, it’s best to store any type of patio furniture — metal, plastic or wood — indoors during harsh weather. If that’s not possible, Blashaw recommends weatherproof covers, or at least some simple poly/vinyl tarps secured with straps or weighted down.
    “There are furniture covers of just about every shape and size available,” he says, adding that the newest ones are waterproof and UV-treated for excellent protection.
    Measure your pieces before you buy covers to ensure the right fit. You can also ask for manufacturer guidelines that may help you choose the correct style.
    Don’t forget fire pits and chimeneas. There are elasticized covers made for them, too, and it’s important to keep water from rusting their metal burners and grates.
    As for acrylic cushions and fabrics — even ones made for outdoor use — store them inside.

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    Vinyl Fencing in Orange County is Very Practical and Visually Pleasing

    There’s a special feature on backyard design and landscaping on the Patriot Ledger website. The article lists a number of useful hints and tips on how homeowners can improve the design flow and functionality of their yards. The following are a few of these tips:

    Many strategies can enhance the flow and function of a home’s interior and how a family lives and uses the space. But what about a home’s exterior?

    When it comes to a yard, the same thoughtfulness can help homeowners create functional spaces outdoors that not only look great, but also deliver maximum enjoyment.

    Recreation: Designate at least one segment of your yard for open space, and plant grass or another plant that’s friendly to foot traffic.

    Property line: Define your property with attractive trees, shrubbery and fencing. Try mixing sizes of beautiful vinyl fence in different areas, with a 6-foot-tall section in the back to increase privacy.

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    Protecting the Patio with Patio Covers in Orange County

    A patio becomes a most sought-after venue during summer. Residents of Orange County in California can unwind in the comfort of their patios on a fine summer day, with a glass of ice-cold lemonade, a book, and other members of the family relaxing with them. To enjoy such a blissful moment, homeowners should take it upon themselves to maintain the condition of their patios by adding patio covers in Orange County.

    Harsh weather is one of the factors that may contribute to the decline of the patio’s value. This is why home improvement experts recommend the installation of weather-proof patio covers—unless homeowners are okay with storing their patio furniture inside the house when calamities strike. While there’s nothing wrong with stuffing things in spare rooms, doing so can be inconvenient, and use up too much space.

    make patio sets last longer

    Patio covers supplied by fence and patio specialists like Showtime Vinyl provide more than mere protection to the average patio. They make patios more attractive and filter the amount of sunlight permeating the area, which is perfect when temperatures continue to escalate. A patio cover is usually made of galvanized steel, which makes it sturdy and dependable enough to last a lifetime.

    For those who like to cook in their patios, extra caution should be taken to save appliances from being ruined by impending storms. For residents who find heaving their outdoor kitchen appliances out of the patio and into the home a chore, they can opt to have vinyl patio covers in Orange County to prevent rainwater from damaging their metal burners, grates, and other important appliances.

    When purchasing a patio cover, one should prioritize quality over seamless form. Residents can check out the selections available in patio cover companies such as Showtime Vinyl, which features a host of attractive patio covers that would merit a second glance from neighbors. They also personalize patio covers to cater to their customers’ aesthetic requirements.

    Maintenance is key for a patio to endure and be useful longer, and a patio cover is exactly what homeowners need to achieve this. It will not only retain the appeal of the outdoor space, it will also protect the furniture and appliances on it.

    (Info from Simple maintenance can make patio sets last longer, The Advocate, September 17, 2013)

    Why Vinyl Fencing In Orange County and Elsewhere Is Getting Popular

    People have fences erected to feel more secure. A fence has the power to intimidate malicious thieves and keep pests at bay – an ability that homeowners are most grateful for. At first glance, one might think that an intricate fence is difficult to make, but in reality, the builder only has to know the terrain well and gain access to quality fencing materials to create a seemingly impregnable structure.

    Fence building materials must be considered carefully before embarking on a fencing project. After all, the fence’s unique qualities will depend highly on the properties of each fence component. One highly durable fencing material that’s gaining traction in various parts of the country is vinyl.

    Basics of Fence Building

    In Orange County vinyl fencing is becoming a staple product offered by outdoor home structure providers like Showtime Vinyl because of its high resistance to forces of nature. High-quality vinyl can resist the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, thus making it ideal in sunny regions. Despite its resilience against the elements, vinyl doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which is beneficial to busy homeowners.

    Vinyl’s awesome qualities are not only exclusive to fences. Since vinyl can also be a primary component of gates, it’s possible to have durable gates that won’t come off their hinges with frequent usage. Obsessive-compulsive homeowners will rejoice in the fact that the color of a vinyl gate hardly fades even when exposed to harsh weather, preserving the home’s appeal.

    While it’s tempting to immediately begin fencing projects after materials have been bought and gathered, one should do so only after consulting local building code requirements. Chances are, officials won’t allow a fence to reach a certain width and height. This precautionary measure may not apply when installing vinyl gates in Orange County and other places, but it always pays to double-check.

    Building a fence or gate will involve physically demanding activities like digging, lifting concrete, and implementing fence rails. However, each drop of sweat from the diligent homeowner will not be a waste as these home structures can last for a long time. Homeowners who are not into DIY, meanwhile, can always ask the help of fencing professionals like Showtime Vinyl, so there’s no reason to put fencing projects on hold.

    (Info from How to Build a Fence, Landscape Planet)

    Check Building Codes when Installing Vinyl Fencing in Orange County

    Not everyone knows their state’s respective building codes by heart, but it never hurts to ask the authorities about them. CTPost.com reported how a woman from Connecticut won a case against the local government over allegations that her new fence was against the state’s building codes. The woman wanted to build a new fence after her old one was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy last 2012.

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